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My wallpaper are free for personal use. Distributing my artwork commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited. NO commercial use.

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About me


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Hallo, I'm Gene
I'm a dreams designer
I create dreamworlds
I am in love of Kat

My name is Genesis and I am a digital artist from Germany and currently I am living in Spain who creates worlds of magic and fantasy between the fusion of emotional feelings and dreams. All my creations are related to other universes or parallel realities.
There is much to know about me, but I'm very bad launches, so anyway, if you want to contact me, you can send me a note. Some of my artworks have received awards and been showcased worldwide in different digital media, like magazines.

Meine persönliche Zitate:

"Für mich jede neue Schöpfung ist eine Herausforderung, eine Herausforderung, der ich mich zu verhängen, fordert 200% meiner kreativen Fähigkeiten".

"Tränen für eine andere Person Schuppen sind kein Zeichen von Schwäche. Sie sind ein Zeichen von reinem Herzen".

I am a Daily Deviation Suggester


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I Suggest DDs by ClefairyKid
If you want me to see a art piece that you think is deserving of a DD, please feel free to note me.
Spending My Times With DDs by TimberClipse


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Angel without Wings Award by Nameda
Nominated by awesome43 and TheGalleryOfEve

Raz is one of those human beings that can be called a "true angel among us"! His incredible kindness is shown to every single person who interacts with him, whether directly or indirectly! He's going through so much in his own life, and yet he finds the strength to shine a bright spotlight on others, so that they can be seen and gain the sweet exposure he gives them! But it is the light inside of his selfless, BEAUTIFUL heart the one that shines the most! Those of us who are so lucky to call him a friend, can attest to the fact that he is one of a kind person! Someone so special and so deeply beloved that not even all the words in the world could ever be enough to describe his beautiful heart accurately! We love our beautiful friend, Raz with all our hearts!

My Copyright


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My Artworks are registered and protected by
My artworks may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My images do not belong to the public domain.

My wallpapers are free for personal use. Distributing my artwork commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited. NO commercial use.

Seal ~copyright by GeneRazART



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"Why, Mr. Anderson? Why, why, why? Why do you do it? Why, why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something, for more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is, do you even know?"



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Epic Music World II featured my work "Together for all Eternity"


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Everyone deserves to be featured VII

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2017, 8:17 AM

Art Feature for my Watchers and Friends.
Thank you all who participated in my poll…

Thank you so much!!

Now, feature time...........

Heart Heart Heart

Listen to your heart (Beauty and the Beast) by EstherPuche-Art

An Unfinished Life by GeneRazART

Journey home by petronellavanree

The Evenstar Sets by Holmes-JA

[GIFT] - Drake Wolf by Mythrillen

Assault on Krossroads by LiJoKu-Art  KEEP CALM DEATH by CarlosAE

Little angelbird by KatZaphire

Pink morning by Tpiola

Voluminous thoughts by TheUnconfidentArtist Ryoshima Orca by KimikoGlaciem

Melancholy by Twinkle-space

Green Giant by awesome43

Kleine Kalmit by Malleni-Art

R-Error by Sinomis   Comet -Colored- by MidNight--Galexey  Tiny Katze [AnK] by Sopheirion

Ancient Olympics (Commission) by Rowye

Daffodil Cluster by vanndra  Sword Flight Fight Pose - Remoceu by ForestWanderers  Eagle 1 edited-1 by SirSonicBoom3

Witch, Please by Tough-girl-freed

Lolipopz - RQ by Eggette Irena by CinnamonFang look at these 2 cute fuckers by Artificial-Lemons

*glow of the forest* by BellaDreamArt

Stock-photo-happy-valentine-s-day-card-with-i-love by nishagandhi  Small world by SachiMizora

Winter umbrella by LadyDattebayo

Fairy Garden by Mysticishfully  Mandala series01 by Marce3

Garden of Forgotten Angels by Pendragon-Arts

Welcome! by Courtbeth

Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea). by gigi50

Xenon by Aya-Lunar  We're Malachite now. by Dracorev

A Lightly Coloured Depth by MBpainting

The fall of Icarus by Mandelblute

Pink Guy 2 by Kimchi-McGee  Marina [Commission] by Tamaka-Media

inksona by blusquib Hello there! by gecko998

- Cherish - by Tsuchikiyo

There are no men like me by lillydachic  Purple Angel by Jassy2012

IP096 Thorax by ironpesuc

Marriage by TheBloodScaled  [PTS] Winter Solstice by Warrior-Heart127

Xael icon by Deathxael  TikkiandPlagg by KokonoeMitsubashi

Perun osloboditel by Azraelangelo

(2/2 Open Price Reduced) Intervalle Adopts! by Tourtato  ... where did my angel go? by DreamThestral

Musicians on break at Bristol Renaissance Fair by MystMoonstruck

A Bubble To Breath by Lolita-Artz

Challenge in the city! by AliceRitter  New Berk City 2018 by RolandLatoreSpeed

A Father To A Son by J-Cody

Eye in fire by Shaneliae Birdy look by skaleczona

Zelda and Link by Joanna-artist The Purotekuta by AmarantaYuuki

Ticci Toby (2) by Romacat247  Autumn Falls by Mystery30579

Overwatch Logo 2 by dexter-roderick

Locked by nathal32  Leo practice by OneEdgySkittle

Summer Night by Moonlight-pendent13

Goodbye  by GirlWithTheGreenHat  Skull Kid sprite by OxiCl3ean

blue princess by ondine25

Rose Lalonde by PemGem  That Hottie by RiiseIsAlive

Kojuro Katakura Papercraft by Amber2002161  Tumblr Muse in my dress by GhostQueen-CHB

Kid King Nemo by x-Zylk-x

Polly by Garrison12  Nightmare Tron by SlenderNight8PGS

.:Tweetle:. Oh Look It's The Tree Bab + speedpaint by AwesomeTreeEpic  Lion Pony [Gift] by Vixenese

On the road | -- Chapter 3 -- by Anonymous-Shrew

Fun times await by 01FireWolf HifiRaver by Jaimelynh

DollHouse by FenekFoxMai Professor Severus Snape by Jaeger-the-Great

Satyr by Kikifiki  Merlin - Avalontale by Morgana-Mikaelson

Serenity Flower #37 - Magical Sunkingdom Gate by Dance4life628  Shimizu- what? by Satori-Yua 

Sato my oc by xXInsaneGoatChildXx Custom by BlackVoid333

Makna VORE-estReyn was starting to get REALLY irritated with Riki, and not just because he had the ego the size of Bionis.
It was bad enough that they had to go get equipment for him when they met, but he also insults Reyn at every chance he got, and if he wasn’t bullying Reyn, he was either sucking up to Melia or eating everyone’s food. One time, he stole food right off Shulk’s plate! What made this worse was the fact that Shulk was underweight and scrawny, and needed food. Reyn could practically feel the ribs on him now!  He also had the nasty habit of stealing food from DUNBAN as well, sometimes right out of his mouth. As a result, the raven haired homs was starting to get skinny as well. Another time, he jumped on Reyn’s head when he was busy reading the quest log, prompting him to drop the book right off the cliff into the river below.They had to buy a whole new book and spend 2 hours re-recording every quest they did in the hot sun. The point was, Riki had done a T
   Levi x Reader - Carving You(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Today was the day.
The day for spring cleaning.

You tied a cloth around your mouth and flung open all the windows of your small house. Although you hated cleaning, “The God of Cleanliness” would not be happy to come back to such filth. That was the name you had christened your husband, Levi Ackerman.
After you were done with the main parts of the house, you took your cleaning supplies and descended the stairs leading to the basement. You fumbled for the light switch and threw it on. The lightbulb flickered for a short instant and then threw light upon the multiple wood carvings that were neatly arranged on shelves.
It was amazing what Levi could do with sharp things; kill titans, chop onions, and… whittle wood. When the two of you were younger and still living in those godforsaken slums, he would carve miniature objects in his spare time. You li

Have you all a great day!


ART Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 16, 2017, 8:02 AM

My latest works

Hunting my soul by GeneRazART

From Earth to Infinity by GeneRazART

Above and Beyond by GeneRazART

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Awesome works...........

Regency by Incantata

Enter at your own risk by ElenaDudina

Make a wish by stellartcorsica

Valicius by Ruiwen-art

Portrait of Hitotsuki by sandara

Subjected to their Spell by vampirekingdom

Deja Vu by mimikascraftroom

Cube by MrTinyx

Golden Spiral by ErikShoemaker

Postapocalyptic St. Louis by Thuberchs

''Please hang on for me.'' by SilasAgnostos
Inseparable friends by Nikulina-Helena
Celeste, The Star Maiden by serafleur

The Starbringer. by EmiroArts

Odin's Divine Warrior by marcosnogueiracb

Goddess of Life by Wesley-Souza

See No Evil by LevanaTempest

Nymph by KatZaphire

Neverbug the Wanderer by ApollinArt

Awaken the inside bird on you by cylevie

I can help you - Inej and Kaz by AmandaDuarte

Soft Petals by Aenea-Jones

Post Apocalyptic Scene by annewipf

Broken Glass Apple by Lolita-Artz

Spirit of Deep Winter by FrostAlexis

Scarlett and the 63 Nova SS the last parade. by awesome43

Be castaway into your arms by AquaSixio

Last Fairytale by Mysterykids

P00fking by Urnam-BOT

...Stuck in Time... by EsotericIllusion

Reborn by marcosnogueiracb

Christmas Pika [1] by AmyThunderbolt

VS by avvart

Moonlight Knight Girl by Axsens

Starry night skies by Daria-Dzyuba

Nocturnal rainbow by Scarlett-Aimpyh

Coralized by TanyaShatseva

Shine by Raipun

Nekane by HesterTatnell

Have you all a great day!!



GeneRazART's Profile Picture
Genesis Raz von Edler
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
My name is Genesis and I am a digital artist from Germany and currently I am living in Spain who creates worlds of magic and fantasy between the fusion of emotional feelings and dreams. All my creations are related to other universes or parallel realities.

I'm a Community Ambassador

Welcoming New Deviants
Starting today, we're launching an ongoing initiative aimed at increasing community spirit by identifying deviants who are good at reaching out to others, and matching them with new deviants who might benefit from a kindred guide.
Joining a new community can sometimes feel daunting -- like you’re on the outside looking in.  But we’re working on ways to make it easier for new deviants to meet others and get involved with the things that matter most to them.
If you're a deviant who often interacts with new deviants, you may receive a notification every so often. Currently, there isn't a way to opt-in to getting these notification, but you can increase your chances of receiving them by interacting with new deviants. The "New Deviants" section of the today page is a great place to start.
How It Works
We’ve selected a small group of deviants who’ve prov
A Guide To Connecting And Sharing On DAWhat's this all about?
DeviantArt is a HUGE website and it's easy to feel invisible, especially if you're new. The aim of this guide is to help you start connecting with other artists and their work as well as sharing your own art and encouraging feedback and interaction. It would be impossible to cover absolutely everything in one journal, so consider it a starting point and get ready to go exploring! I've included a few helpful links under each section, so you can use these as springboards to help you bounce around and find out more.
:bulletred: Check out welcome for an introduction to DA
:bulletred: Introduce yourself in the Welcome Center forum

Get in the right mindset
The first thing to do is stop thinking simply in terms of what you want to get. DA, like a lot of places on the web, is a social experience. I

For health reasons, i'm NOT taking any commissions at the moment, sorry.

From April 18, 2016 i have a new chance to live a better life thanks to the donation of a heart and pancreas. I'm deeply grateful to the family who donated me the organs of their little boy, blessings.
For deep respect, i'll keep about them privately.

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Collaborations - Closed by SweetDuke

For private use by KatZaphire

MY PHOTOGRAPHY & STOCK ACCOUNT :iconrazielmb-photoart:


Featured in Photoshop Creative #134 Photoshop Creative #134 by GeneRazART
I Suggest DDs by ClefairyKid
My deviantLICENSE by GeneRazART
Angel without Wings Award by Nameda AWW IX / 2013Who are Angel without Wings?  
They are those fellow deviants:
:bulletpink: who more or less regularly feature other deviants
:bulletpink:  who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
:bulletpink:  who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
:bulletpink:  who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
:bulletpink:  who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
:bulletpink:  who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis
:bulletpink:  who take the time to suggest seniority every now and than
:bulletpink:  who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not)
:bulletpink:  or what else helpful, kind, supporting they might do
You can read all about it HERE

Every fortnight 3 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by me and my fellow Gan
Archetype ME by GeneRazART :thumb216107553:
Visual ART Magazine ~ December Edition by GeneRazART Raziel by Lelixiana ME by Lelixiana
:bulletblue: Featured here Digital Layers by pjenz
:bulletblue: Featured here…
:bulletblue: Featured here…
:bulletblue: Part II…
Featured my Tree Wallpapers by GeneRazART
:bulletblue: My art as album cover Album cover Twice the Glory by GeneRazART

Featured and interview in Suspense Magazine Featured in Suspense Magazine by GeneRazART


Behind The Screens: Interview With RazielMBHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is GeneRazART

Gene Von Edler is a 24 year old digital artist. He was born in Germany but also has Spanish blood on his mother's side. For this reason, He spends seasons in Spain and Germany. Gene has a very touching and inspirational story: "I'm  a graphic designer and nature photographer and I like to draw in charcoal. It was thanks to my mom that I found deviantart three years ago, but it was at age 13 years old when my dad bought me Photoshop. I spent many months in the hospital due to my leukemia.
My mood worsened much and I needed a distraction and as I liked to draw, I
Feature It Monday Present's: RazielMB!Hi, everyone :wave:
:iconfeature-it-monday: is pleased to present to you :iconrazielMB: as our Featured Special Guest Artist today.
Please give a warm welcome to GeneRazART and visit his gallery. It's a truly moving experience :heart:
Without further ado, on with the interview!
1 - Could you tell us a little about yourself, and when did you find that you were interested in Digital Art/Photomanipulation?
My name is Genesis, I am 23 years old and live in Germany and some seasons in Spain.
I drawing in charcoal since childhood, but it was at age 13 years old, when my dad bought me Photoshop, because I spent many months in hospital because of my leukemia and I needed distraction, and digital art became a therapy but I didn't dare to share my creations until two years ago. Really, I needed to expand my imagination to avoid thinking about my reality.

2 - How did you end up joining DeviantArt?
I met devia
PE: Interview With DD SuggestersDaily Deviation Week
A part of the Daily Deviation Week 2015 is to interview active suggesters who have made their names known on the Daily Deviation page and to share their experience with you! To share their experience with you!
Some of them are LiliWrites, GeneRazART, iingo, KPEKEP, lovelessdevotions and Ginryuzaki!

When did you start and what got you interested in suggesting Daily Deviations?
I'm not exactly sure when I started as far as dates go. I know my first accepted suggestion was from my old account, KneelingGlory. I joined DeviantArt in 2005 originally. It didn't take long to start suggesting DDs once I figured out what they were.
For as much as people complain about DDs not getting enough attention/prominence these days, I can remember when you actually had to know where to


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Do you want to be featured in my next ART Feature ? Show me your best work! I accept all kind of arts. 

120 deviants said CLOSED

My Birthday and Archetype ME

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My birthday badge

Archetype ME by GeneRazART

Dont Ask Me For Points by wuestenbrand

Do not ask for points button FREE FOR USE by Skylar-Wolf


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